Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late Night Cramming!!!

I feel like I'm back in school having a paper due the next morning while I'm just starting it. Soda to my left, Funyuns to my right, Gene playing on the Ipod, and having energy to sing out loud but not write the paper. This paper,err, post will be very long since it's been almost 2 months from my last one. Here goes....In March there was a reshuffling at work due to the economic climate and many jobs were eliminated/restructured with mine being one( I work at Eddie Bauer Corp) but after having to re-interview I was kept on. Stressful time with Katie being in school full time and Noah ready to go to daycare and me being the only one working. It was a real eye opening experience that gave me an idea(more on that later). I'm glad things worked out in the end. This is the view from my window looking east, pretty cool huh?

March also brought back cousin Jill and her daughter Libby! They were here a couple of weeks and I was able to capture some photos of them together while in downtown Seattle and a couple of Libby when she wasn't looking. What do you think???

For some reason Libby loves calling me "noway jose" or just "noway" for short. What can I say? When a 3yr old angel calls you that how could you not melt?? Here are some portraits I was able to take.

In April I was lucky enough to join a group of very talented photographers that use Open Source Photo to network and connect. Right now I only have these two pics on my hard drive to upload so I will. This was Shauna, very easy to work with.

With the gut check at work in May I decided to try photography as a side business to bring in extra income. I had no idea how much work it takes to get it started legally. I suppose I could skip the licenses and tax stuff but that wouldn't be right to the other photographers and that is not the type of dad I want to be to Noah. While working to become legit I started practicing. Here are some photos I took of Tyler, daughter of my neighbors the Dunnes. So cute!!!

That's it for now. Any advice/encouragement is welcome and I look forward to telling you how things go the rest of May. See ya!!!!