Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chase Jarvis Meeting

As previously mentioned the Seattle Flickr group got a chance to meet and hang out with commercial photographer Chase Jarvis in his Seattle studio. After about an hour of socializing we had a Q&A session with him. Some of the questions ranged from how he started to photography (self taught) to is he hiring (no). Here are some tips that I went away from the meeting with:
1) Act like a pro, look like a pro, have forms like a pro, think like a pro and you will be treated like a pro
2) Learn the business side of photography, understand where art meets commerce
3) Make time to photograph what you like
4) practice, practice, practice, and practice
5) Have fun

After the Q&A session the real fun began. We brainstormed ideas of how Chase could contribute to the Seattle Photography community we have going on by us using his insanely massive connections. Ideas like photographing established models, renting a 60k sq.ft airplane hangar for a workshop, shooting sporting events and even shooting out of airplanes/ helicopters!
Lots of exciting things are happening here is Seattle and with Chase being part of the group the sky is the limit.
Thanks Chase for taking time out of you busy schedule to meet with us and share your knowledge, experience and willing to help us show the world what's going on here in Seattle.


Jacob said...

Fantastic way to utilize your local resources!!

jose medina said...

we're very excited about the possibilties!!