Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hangar Shoot

January 20,2008 was a big day for me. I was fortunate enough to again meet up with the Seattle Flickr Group along with Uncle Chase for a very special photo shoot at an airplane hangar. Holy Crap you might say because that's what I was thinking! That in itself is a big deal but when you add the special "surprise" that was there then it doesn't get any better. Chase was able to get Mr. Strobist himself Dave Hobby to show up! For those not familiar he has helped start a revolution in the photography community with ripples hitting Seattle, Georgia, Brussels, and Paris to name a few. Off camera lighting has changed the way I see photos and in the way I want to shoot. 50+ photographers, 11 models, Chase+crew, and one Mr. Strobist is what went down. Flashes, Pocket Wizards, Lenses, Little Hotties, guns, knives, crazy!!! While I observed and asked questions most of the night I was able to get a few shots in but to me this was a chance to pick the brains of others.
Thanks to Chase, Dave, and all the people that helped put this thing together. Here is the video Team Chase put together, enjoy......

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