Monday, March 24, 2008

Kiss my piece!!!

Recently I purchased a D200 along with a new lens and another flash. So much stuff, so many possibilities. Of course that's assuming I learn HOW to use this stuff. These are just some shots that have come about from practicing. These first are from when I just started to learn some of the dials on the camera. Looks tiring!

Then of course I had to try it out at the park.

And on school grounds.

The fun part is adding a second flash. In this case an SB28 which I bought off of the Nikonians website. Love those guys!

These last few pics are of Noah and the Dunnes messing around getting "flashed" by an SB600 on the left and the SB28 on the right. Man I love these things!!!!

1 comment:

Lorelei said...

wow killer shots with your sweet new gear!

(and I thought the pics were even better when I realized I could click on them and see the bigger version!) :P